PNM business customers save energy and money

Hundreds of PNM business customers have already taken advantage of rebate programs that help pay for energy-efficient upgrades, and then watched as their energy usage (and bills!) have gone down.


Here are three Powerstories of customers who took advantage of a PNM rebate program, along with how much they're saving.

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Lighting uses 15 percent of your energy or more. So installing energy-efficient lighting fixtures, which in many cases also improves light quality, is a great place to start.


If you have questions about which rebate program is best for your business, please call the PNM Business Energy Efficiency Team at 1-877-607-0741.

FAQs: PNM Business Energy Efficiency Programs

  • What are the Business Energy Efficiency Programs?
    • PNM offers rebates and services to electric customers to reduce the initial cost of energy efficiency improvements and shorten the investment payback period. The PNM Business Energy Efficiency programs make it easier for businesses to increase energy efficiency and reduce long-term operating costs. These upgrades can also improve comfort and boost productivity. The programs consist of three components: Retrofit Program, New Construction Program and PNM QuickSaver.
  • What is the Retrofit Rebate Program?
    • PNM offers pre-set and custom rebates to business customers to install energy-efficient equipment in their existing facilities such as lighting, HVAC, Motors and Refrigeration. Rebates pay approximately $0.06 per kWh saved.
  • Who is eligible for a Retrofit Rebate?
    • The Retrofit Rebate Program is open to all PNM commercial, industrial and government customers. Eligible rate classes include small power, general power, large power, water and sewage rate and the mining rate.

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