Liberty Gym

Liberty Gym owner Doug Gaylor was a little skeptical at first¿

He wanted to make his facility more energy efficient, but he was a little skeptical when he first heard about the Quick Saver Program from PNM. "It seemed too good to be true" he said.

Liberty Gym in Albuquerque But once he learned more, he was sold. "It was extremely easy once I understood the process. The contractor came in and looked at my facility. I had some pretty powerful lights that made it really hot in there, and they were using a ton of energy. In a gym, having lights that make the facility warmer aren't exactly a good thing. The energy auditor from Facility Solutions Group made suggestions for more-efficient fixtures, and once he showed me what it cost and what I'd save, it was a no-brainer" said Gaylor.

As a result of the energy audit, Facility Solutions Group suggested retrofitting 52 lamps and ballasts on existing fixtures and upgrading nine fixtures to higher-performance units. They handled all of the paperwork for Liberty Gym, and PNM covered 82 percent of the project costs. Liberty Gym expects to save more than $5,500 a year in energy costs as a result of these changes.

"Even if I save half of what has been projected, I'm ahead of the game. I think when more businesses are introduced to the program and see what it will do, they will want to participate. I know I'm glad that I did," said Gaylor.

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