Joint Use

PNM structures, including transmission and distribution poles, can be made available for joint use with equipment for wireless, telephone, cable and Internet service companies.

PNM owns and manages about 186,000 distribution poles and about 16,000 transmission structures, plus additional properties throughout New Mexico.

Typical structures

  • Transmission towers: - common for joint use with wireless equipment - very tall - lines carry large amounts of electricity
  • Distribution poles: - common for telephone, cable television and fiber lines - usually can accommodate several additional attachments - shorter and primarily wooden - lines carry lesser amounts of electricity (but still enough to cause serious injury or death if contacted) - commonly seen in neighborhoods

Available locations

  • Belen-to-Santa Fe corridor, including: - Albuquerque - Bernalillo - East Mountains - Los Lunas
  • Clayton
  • Deming
  • Las Vegas, N.M.