Climate Change

PNM has been a part of New Mexico for more than 100 years and we know that for residents here, the environment is as much a part of our heritage as the people are. We have always played an active role in advocating for federal climate change legislation and worked at the the local level to reduce the carbon emissions associated with our energy production.  We supported New Mexico's Renewable Energy Act, and have made a significant commitment to adding renewable energy to our system since 2003. 

See our plan here:

Climate Change Report

PNM Resources actively advocates for sound climate policy on its own and through alliances, including the Edison Electric Institute, the Generators for Clean Air, and the Coalition for Innovative Climate Solutions. In 2018, we released our new Climate Change Report through our sustainability portal.

Click here to read the report and about all of the ways PNM Resources is working to protect our environment and conserve our natural resources while providing cleaner, more sustainable energy.