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Fleet Electric Vehicles for Your Business

More and more businesses and local governments are shifting their fleets to electric vehicles for the cost savings and environmental benefits. Making the decision to transition your fleet operations to electric vehicles requires strategic planning and looking into how it will benefit your business long term. There are environmental benefits as well.  We want to make sure you have access to quality resources and tools that will help you make an informed decision about whether transitioning to a fleet electric vehicle (EV) is right for your business.

Benefits of Fleet Electric Vehicles

Here are six reasons to add electric vehicles to your fleet 

  1. Reduces your operating costs for fuel and maintenance
  2. Reduces carbon emissions
  3. Your fleet will last longer because vehicles are mechanically simpler and that saves you even more
  4. Improves workers safety and creates quieter work sites for both employees and customers
  5. Enhances public perception; visible presence of your environmental commitment
  6. Some EVs provide exportable power, offering new solutions to emergency response teams and can be used as backup power in remote locations, major storms and more

You can find more information from the Department of Energy in the Plug-In Electric Vehicle Handbook for Fleet Managers.

Investing in Fleet Electric VehiclesEV charging

We know that driving electric vehicles has environmental benefits and we understand that making the decision to invest in fleet electric vehicles and charging stations means you will want to research the options that are best for your business. Here are resources we found that might help you with the journey toward making an informed decision as you navigate through the process of whether fleet EVs is the right move to sustain your business.

What PNM has done with our business fleet

PNM fleet EV truck

Since 2014, our parent company, PNM Resources has spent 5 percent of our total fleet budget on electrified vehicles. In New Mexico, the PNM fleet has over 7 percent electrified vehicles. Starting in 2020, we are preparing for the next decade of electric transportation with a renewed commitment to electrifying our own fleet. By 2025, 25 percent of all light duty vehicle purchases will be electric, and by 2030, 50 percent of all light duty vehicle purchases will be electric.  This will help to increase the number of electrified vehicles in our own fleet and lower our carbon footprint by plugging in.

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