System Expansions: Small PV

Applicable solar energy program

Small PV: original application submitted on or before Aug. 31, 2010.


  • All proposed system expansions must receive prior consent from PNM before the expansion can be installed.
  • Total system size, including the expansion, cannot exceed 10 kWAC (max. AC rating of Inverter).
  • System expansions cannot generate more kWh in a year than was consumed in the prior 12 month period.

Requesting a system expansion

There is no application fee for system expansions.

  1. Complete a Small Solar Application and include the following information:
    • expanded system size
    • updated one-line diagram
    • updated site map, if necessary
    • specification sheet for any additional inverters.
  2. Handwrite "System Expansion" at the top of the application.
  3. Mail the application and required diagrams to:
    PNM Customer Solar Programs
    Main Offices
    Albuquerque, N.M. 87158-1135
  4. PNM will notify you if the system expansion has been approved within 10 business days of the receipt of the application. The notification will also include whether or not the expanded system passed the technical re-screening.
  5. If approved, the system expansion will be cleared for construction.
  6. Once constructed, notify PNM Customer-Owned Solar Energy Program ( and we will let you know if your system needs to be inspected.
  7. PNM will send you amended Interconnection and REC Purchase Agreements.
  8. You will need to sign and date the amended agreements and return them to PNM at the address listed in step 3.
  9. PNM will execute the amendments and send you a set of originals.
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