Landlord Standby Sign Up

Step 1: Complete and sign Landlord Standby (Electric) Service Agreement


Landlord Standby Electric Service Agreement

Step 2: Complete the Rental Property Listing


Rental Property Listing 

This list tells us what properties should be part of the contract.

Step 3: Complete all other forms that may apply


Authorization for Information Disclosure form:

  • Authorization from your tenant that gives PNM permission to notify you if the tenant's service is going to be disconnected for non-payment.
  • Tenant signature is required.

Authorization of Second Party form:

  • Authorization giving an agent or property management company permission to manage your rental property utility accounts on your behalf.
  • Property owner and property management company agent signatures are required.

Step 4: Email or fax completed forms to PNM


Email to:

Fax to: (505) 246-5770

Enrollment confirmation


The Landlord Standby Agreement must be approved by PNM before it will go into effect.

  • All your PNM accounts must be current. - If past-due amounts are owed, they must be paid before the Landlord Standby Agreement will be approved.
  • You will receive a letter from PNM confirming that you have been enrolled in Landlord Standby.