The PNM PowerKick

PNM is proud to partner with New Mexico United and generate excitement about support for local nonprofits. We know that strong nonprofits are key to a thriving New Mexico and while delivering power is at the core of PNM, investing in our community is a critical piece of the company's values.

Peter Trevisani, President, CEO, and majority owner of New Mexico United, said New Mexico United is fueled by a passion for community, and The PNM PowerKick is another opportunity to bring New Mexicans together for a unique halftime challenge that benefits local nonprofits in need of the support PNM is graciously providing.

At halftime of each New Mexico United home game, a lucky fan was selected from the stands to attempt three goals that earned money for nonprofits. The first kick was from the 6-yard line and earned that night's nonprofit a $500 donation from PNM, the second kick was from the penalty spot and earned a $750 donation, and the final kick was from the 18-yard box and earned a $1,250 donation. If kicks are missed, that night's nonprofit still received a minimum $1,500 PNM donation. 

The 10 local nonprofits PNM proudly funded were:

  • Santa Fe Habitat for Humanity (April 15)
  • Horizons (April 29)
  • Keres Children┬┐s Learning Center (June 17)
  • Junior Achievement (June 21)
  • Transgender Resource Center of NM (June 24)
  • NM Friends of Foster Children (July 19)
  • Feed Rio Rancho Kids (August 23)
  • Indian Pueblo Cultural Center (August 26)
  • Valencia Shelter Services (September 15)
  • Gila Community & Tourism Development (September 30)

All nonprofit donations for The PNM PowerKick come from PNM shareholders. No customer dollars were used in this campaign.