PNM Sky Blue®:
Renewable Energy for New Mexico

PNM Sky Blue. Your Local, Affordable, Clean Energy Resource

Did you know that PNM Sky Blue┬«  is New Mexico's own home-grown source of 100% locally-generated, clean energy? PNM Sky Blue uses 22,000 solar panels from our facility in Los Lunas plus wind purchased from the New Mexico Wind Energy Center near Fort Sumner to give our customers an easy, affordable way to show their support for clean energy.

No assembly required.

Joining PNM Sky Blue makes it easy and affordable to support clean, renewable wind and solar energy without making the huge commitment of putting solar panels on your roof or wind turbines in your backyard. That's especially desirable if your budget doesn't allow for the purchase of solar panels right now or you are renting your home. There's no 30-year commitment to a contract, and you can start, stop, or change your subscription at any time with no penalty.

So simple. So significant.

As little as $1.70 per month is all it takes to support clean, renewable energy here in New Mexico. You have two options to subscribe. Since we already supply 20 percent of your electricity with renewable energy, you can subscribe for up to 80 percent of your use. Don't worry - we won't make you do the math. Our calculator will show you how much it costs to join and looks at your usage history to advise you on the right subscription level.

Option 1 - Block Subscription: This is the perfect plan for someone who wants to add more local renewables to our grid but wants to pay the same amount each month. With the "block" option, you can purchase 100 kWh blocks for just $1.70 each, above your current rate.

Option 2 - Percentage Subscription: This plan is ideal for someone who wants to add more local, clean energy based on how much energy they use each month. Because your electricity usage varies each month, your PNM Sky Blue cost will vary monthly too with your electric use. 

Not sure which option is right for you?

Log into your PNM account to compare your options with our easy-to-use calculator. Call us at 888-342-5766. We are open from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.


We hope you say YES to the 100% local PNM Sky Blue program. With over 300 days of sun a year, and abundant wind throughout our state, we are so fortunate to provide all the clean energy we will ever need for you right here in New Mexico. It doesn't get any better or local than that.

PNM Sky Blue is an easy and affordable way for you to show your commitment to the environment while you continue to receive reliable service from PNM.

FAQs: PNM Sky Blue

  • Why is there an extra charge for PNM Sky Blue?
    • PNM Sky Blue is a voluntary wind and solar energy program, so the only customers who pay for it are the ones who sign up.
  • What is PNM Sky Blue?
    • PNM Sky Blue is our voluntary program that allows you to purchase wind and solar energy at a premium price to show your commitment to the environment without putting panels on your roof or having a turbine in your back yard. You can purchase 100 kilowatt hour "blocks" of electricity or sign up for a set percentage of your usage.
  • If I enroll, does this mean I will only receive renewable power?
    • No. The premium you pay helps to put more renewable power onto the PNM grid. The renewable power does not specifically go to provide electricity to your home or business.
  • How much can I enroll for?
    • You can purchase between 1 and 80 percent of your monthly electric usage. Or, you can purchase 100 kilowatt hour "blocks" up to 80 percent of your monthly usage. You cannot sign up for more than 80% of your usage because PNM already provides 20% of your power from renewable sources.
  • If I move does PNM Sky Blue move with me?
    • No. You would need to sign up your new PNM account for PNM Sky Blue.