News Release

April 22, 2019
PNM makes historical announcement about New Mexico┬┐s energy future

and commemorates Earth Day with giving away free energy-saving trees to PNM customers


Albuquerque: Today, on Earth Day, a historical announcement about New Mexico’s energy future was made. Alongside New Mexico governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, PNM announced they are the nation's 1st large investor-owned utility to set a goal of ensuring all our electricity is 100-percent emissions-free by 2040, dependent on regulatory approval, which is 5-years ahead of the state’s goal of 2045.

PNM was on already on track to be over 70-percent emissions-free by 2032 before the recent Energy Transition Act was signed into law, where PNM was challenged with helping get New Mexico to 100-percent emissions-free by 2045.

“We soon realized that we were not only up for the challenge of 100-percent emissions-free by 2045 but thought we can actually do it 5-years early while maintaining reliability and affordability for customers,” said Pat Vincent-Collawn, PNM Resources chairman, president and CEO. “The future is changing fast and here at PNM; we are proud of how far we have come but know there is still so much to be done.”

The year 2040 is five years ahead of the state’s goal. For perspective, in today’s numbers, those five years equals a reduction in carbon in our state by over 32 million metric tons or the equivalent of 6.9 million cars on the road for one year. This also saves 15 billion gallons of water, which could fill up 300 million bathtubs.

Fittingly, PNM made this historic announcement on Earth Day where the purpose is to promote understanding of important environmental issues so that more people take action to protect our land, air, water, and natural resources. It is not only the responsibility of us as individuals to protect the environment – but as a homegrown company in New Mexico for more than 100-years, PNM shares that environmental responsibility.

To celebrate Earth Day and to commemorate the company’s goal to helping New Mexico achieve 100% emissions-free by 2040, PNM is gifting customers with one free indigenous tree.

Trees around homes will not only help reduce the amount of energy your home requires, but they also add to your property value, reduce your carbon footprint, improve the air quality, and more effectively catch storm water runoff. While supplies last, reserve your free tree and better understand where to plant trees on your property for maximum energy savings, go to Available trees are chaste, bur oak, common hackberry, crape myrtle, and eastern redbud.

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With headquarters in Albuquerque, PNM is the largest electricity provider in New Mexico, serving 500,000 customers in dozens of communities across the state. PNM is a subsidiary of PNM Resources, an energy holding company also headquartered in Albuquerque. For more information, visit