Energy Works - February 2024

Solar Electric System Do's and Don'ts

Solar Electric System Do's and Don'ts

We love solar! This year, PNM is on track to more than double the amount of solar energy available to serve your homes and businesses. Making a decision to add solar on your rooftop is your personal choice. If you do decide to make solar a permanent fixture, here are few tips to safely interconnect your system.


Watch for credentials of anyone selling you solar. PNM does not sell rooftop solar systems and will never send someone to your door trying to sell you solar.

Be cautious with anyone knocking on your door - ask for identification and who they work for.

Get quotes from at least three vendors and read the terms of the contracts.

Learn about federal and state tax rebates and how to qualify.

Check your address to verify your feeder has capacity for solar at

Ensure your contractor includes you on the solar application so you receive important communications and notifications from PNM.

Right-size your system based on your average annual usage.


Sign a Power of Attorney allowing your contractor to sign contracts or agreements on your behalf without first consulting an attorney.

Oversize your system - you're paying for something you aren't benefitting from.

Let your contractor install the system prior to PNM approval.

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Managing Vegetation

Managing Vegetation

Our vegetation management program helps manage the power we depend on and the trees that beautify our communities and landscapes. Throughout the year, we trim trees to help maintain a reliable power supply, protect our environment and the public's safety.

When you plant trees, please consider if the tree will interfere with power lines when it matures - and if you live in an area with underground utilities always call 811 before you dig.

Tree Height Guide

The larger the tree, the farther it should be from a power line. As a rule of thumb, small variety trees - those under 25 feet high at maturity - should be 15 feet from power lines. Medium variety trees must be at least 30 feet away and large trees should be 40 feet from power lines.

Storm Safety Tips

Storm Safety Tips

Severe storms can occur any time of year. Be prepared for storms and stay safe.

Stay away from downed or sagging power lines. Consider all downed power lines and anything touching them energized and dangerous. Do not get near them and call PNM immediately at 888-DIAL-PNM.

Have a backup plan to move yourself and your family, especially those with medical needs, to an alternate location in case you have to evacuate or experience an extended power outage.

Having an outage kit at your home or business is a great way to stay prepared in the event of an outage.

During an outage, don't open freezers and refrigerators any more than necessary.

If you experience an outage, please report it by calling 888-DIAL-PNM, online at, or text #OUT to 78766.

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PNM supports Heart Savers for educators, students and athletes

PNM supports Heart Savers for educators, students and athletes

CPR training can save a life when response time is critical. Sandia High School is very excited to be gifted the CPR Anywhere Training Kits from PNM and the American Heart Association. The staff and teachers are being trained in CPR and will work to ensure each student household is equipped with a "Heart Saver".

The kits are courtesy of a donation by PNM to the Go Red For Women 2024 event this month. The CPR Anywhere Training Kits include educational materials and lifesaving training items such as inflatable mannequins, replacement airways, and AED training simulators.

For more info, go to or other trusted agencies for proper training.

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PNM in the Community

PNM in the Community

We love our community - let us count the ways!

1 PNM employees work and live throughout New Mexico. We are proud of our employee volunteers who actively volunteer year-round.

2 Local non-profit organizations get the benefit of volunteers and the potential of sponsorships and grants to help them live out their missions.

3 Customers needing a hand up are able to apply for financial assistance to help pay all or a portion of their electric bills at

4 We give back for the annual Light Up Navajo project which helps to provide power to families on the Navajo Nation.

5 In partnership with the PNM Resources Foundation, we assist New Mexico communities by supporting vital nonprofit organizations through community impact grants and employee volunteer grants.