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PNM continually invests in its facilities to enhance service in your area, which includes replacing some powerlines to increase resilience and reliability in your community. Maintaining the system is the first step to delivering clean, safe, reliable, and affordable energy for our customers.

PNM continually monitors its system and is in the process of rebuilding parts of the electric grid across New Mexico to provide you with the energy you need to reliably power your life. Work will be occurring throughout the PNM service area to help support renewable energy and secure and modernize the grid for the future.

Learn how PNM is investing in its facilities to support the transition to a carbon-free system and about some of the activities you may see around your community.


Typical Electrical System

Generation and Transmission

The Electric Grid System

Electricity produced by utility-scale solar, wind, and gas-fired generation sources is conducted at a high voltage via transmission lines to transmission substations. Transmission substations transform or drop the voltage of the electricity for further transmission to the network of interconnected distribution substations. Distribution substations are linked together by transmission lines and/or distribution feeder lines via connections and switches. These interconnections within the grid form a redundant system of "back-up" paths for electricity to reach customers during periods of high demand and outages. Small-scale, distributed generation sources, such as rooftop and community solar, and new battery storage facilities connect to the distribution system to provide additional, more localized sources of energy into the grid. Transformers, switches, and other control equipment work together to minimize surges and other variables that could harm or damage the electric grid system.

Types of Work in your area

PNM continues to invest in all three key components of our energy system: transmission powerlines, distribution powerlines and substations. You may see work in your area on one or more of these. This work supports delivery of clean, safe and reliable power while enhancing and securing the system.

Transmission Powerlines

Transmission Powerlines

These are powerlines that carry high-voltage electricity, sometimes over long distances from one area to another, and from state to state.

Types of Work

Replace Wires and Structures
Certain transmission powerlines will benefit from replacing both the wires and structures to improve reliability, resiliency, and connectivity of renewable energy such as wind and solar power.

Replace Wires
Certain transmission powerlines will benefit from replacing only the wires to improve reliability, resiliency, and connectivity of renewables.

Distribution Powerlines

These are powerlines typically located on wood poles next to the street or in your backyard that provide electric service to your house or business.

Types of Work
Replace Wires and Structures

Replace Wires and Structures
Certain distribution powerlines will benefit from replacing the wires and the structures to improve reliability, resiliency and meet the increased electrical needs from growing communities.

Certain distribution powerlines will benefit from replacing the above ground wires with underground wires to improve reliability and resiliency.

Line Extension
The communities we live and work in are constantly expanding. As more homes and businesses are built, and the demand for electricity increases, we may extend or add lines to continue to provide reliable power to customers.

Pole Replacement
We also inspect poles around our service area, repair the ones that need fixing and replace poles that may be older or no longer meet our standards. This is part of our ongoing commitment to deliver service you can count on. Sometimes these projects are along a street or highway, and other times, they are in a customer's backyard. Our crews are committed to safety for the crews and for people, property and animals near the work area.

Transformer Replacement
You probably see transformers all the time without even realizing it. They are on the utility poles or in green boxes along the street and provide power to a group of homes or businesses. We inspect and replace these transformers as needed so that they continue to perform reliably. This work may require a scheduled outage in order to guarantee the safety of our crews.
Cable Testing & Replacement

Cable Testing & Replacement
Electric cables are tested to identify areas where we need to replace older cable. Replacing this cable helps to maintain power quality and reliability to your homes and businesses.


These are facilities that convert electricity to a lower voltage for use by customers or for transport to other areas.

Types of Work

Replace Equipment
Certain substations may need to have existing equipment replaced to incorporate new technologies and improve safety and reliability.

Add Substation Equipment

Certain substations may need to have additional equipment added to accommodate increased electrical needs from growing communities.


Project Activities

Construction Activities
In an effort to continue to be a good neighbor, PNM would like to share with you what typical construction activities may look like.

Traffic Crews
Traffic crews will direct traffic around construction areas to ensure everyone's safety.

Cranes & bucket trucks
Cranes and bucket trucks will be used to replace poles and allow crews to safely reach powerlines.

Drilling Equipment
Low-impact drilling equipment minimizes disruption when replacing powerline poles.

Restoration Activities
Upon completion of construction activities, a restoration team will be back to restore all work areas.

Real Estate Activities
As PNM continues maintenance and replacement of its powerlines, you may be contacted by a representative of the company to discuss additional rights for placement of the wires and structures if required.

Where We Are Working

Maintaining reliability is an ongoing process, and PNM is constantly investing to ensure that our thousands of miles of transmission and distribution lines, and hundreds of substations are able to continue to provide the electricity you rely on. The map below shows current projects that PNM is working on to help maintain and improve service to customers. As new projects begin, those will be added to the map as well. Each project is represented by the bucket truck icons you see below.

Click on the icons to learn more about the work that is happening in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PNM doing in this area?

PNM is continuing to invest in our facilities to enhance service in your area, which includes replacing some powerlines. Work will be done on transmission lines, distribution lines and substations, all to increase reliability.

Why is this work being done?

This work replacing powerlines is being done to increase resilience and reliability of the energy grid, ensuring clean, safe and affordable energy for PNM customers.

When will this work happen?

PNM will be conducting a variety of powerline replacements in various areas over the course of the next few years. If you would like more specific information about work in your area, you can call the toll-free information inquiry line at 833-910-3670 to leave a message and a member of the stakeholder engagement team will return your call with more project information. You can also email the team at workinyourarea@pnm.com.

Will this work require the use of any of my land?

Most of this work is occurring in areas where PNM already has easements in place with landowners or in road right-of-way. In some cases, land agents will reach out to landowners if additional easements are needed.

What time of day will the construction take place?

Typical construction worktimes are between 7am-5pm, Monday through Saturday, though this could vary based on individual project needs.

Will there be road closures for this work?

Temporary traffic controls may be needed for this work. However, you will continue to have access to your property.

How can I identify the crews doing this work?

PNM employees always wear clothing marked with the PNM logo, along with brightly colored safety gear, when the job calls for it. They should have an ID badge with them at all times. Feel free to ask them for identification.

In some instances, authorized contractors may be working in your area on behalf of PNM. If they do not have an official identification card, ask for their name and the reason for their visit, and you may contact PNM to verify the information. Contractors also typically drive around in clearly marked vehicles for the company they are with.

Additionally, if you have other concerns or questions, you can call the toll-free information inquiry line at 833-910-3670 to leave a message and a member of the public engagement team will return your call. You can also email the team at workinyourarea@pnm.com.

While this work is ongoing, will I experience outages? What can I expect?

Part of this work is transferring service from the old equipment to the new equipment. If an outage is necessary, our construction contractor will notify you in advance. Typically, an outage for something like this would last about 4-6 hours in duration. If you have any questions feel free to call 833-910-3670 or email workinyourarea@pnm.com.

Where can I find information on outage safety and preparedness?

Information is available on PNM.com/outagesafety

Does this mean our rates will go up?

Under New Mexico's rules, PNM rates are regulated by the NM Public Regulation Commission (NM PRC) and are generally based on the total system costs at a point in time, allocated across all customers. During a rate review, equipment that is no longer used is removed from rates and new equipment is added, based on the time period under review. The system investments PNM is implementing to improve the grid now will be included in the next general rate review filed with the NM PRC, along with any other updates to the total system costs and usage.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions about this work?

Call the PNM public engagement team at 833-910-3670 and they will respond to inquiries within 24 hours or the next business day. You can also send an email to workinyourarea@pnm.com.

Questions? We will help you get answers.

Call the PNM public engagement team at 833-910-3670 and we will respond to inquiries within 24 hours or the next business day. You can also send us an email at workinyourarea@pnm.com or fill out our contact form.