U.S. produced coal is one of the cheapest fuels and coal plants produce extremely reliable power, available when customers need it. PNM customers have benefited from the affordability and dependability of coal generation for many decades, primarily from the San Juan Generating Station near Farmington, New Mexico. PNM operates it and is a partial owner of the plant. 

As part of our committment to providing cleaner, greener energy to our customers, PNM has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in technology that dramatically reduces emissions from the plant, which currently serves more than 2 million customers across the southwest. The plant meets or is below government permitted levels of emissions, including nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, particulate matter and mercury. 

In 2017, data compiled for our integrated resrouce plan (IRP) showed that removing coal from our energy mix would provide a long term cost benefit to customers. Because of this analysis, PNM has proposed drastically reducing coal power generation by retiring the San Juan Generating Station by the end of 2022 and completely removing coal from our generation mix by exiting the Four Corners Power Plan when our purchasing contracts with that facility end in 2031.   

The San Juan Generating Station is supplied coal by the nearby San Juan underground mine. 

The San Juan Generating Station, located near Farmington, NM.

PNM is also partial owner of the Four Corners Power Plant, located south of the Farmington area on Navajo Nation tribal land. The plant receives coal from Navajo Mine, which is located directly south of the plant, also on tribal lands.