Job Growth Initiative

The PNM commitment to our customers goes beyond making sure the lights go on when you flip the switch. It also means that we are fully engaged in helping grow and strengthen our local economy and create jobs for New Mexicans.

The PNM Job Growth Initiative supports new programs at two established and respected non-profit organizations dedicated to helping local small businesses - Accion and WESST.

The Accion plan includes:

  • workshops and one-on-one consulting for small businesses on issues that affect high-growth companies, such as cash-flow management and resource development.
  • loans from $200 to $300,000.

The WESST program, WESST Technology Toolkit¿, offers:

  • group training and one-on-one consulting to help entrepreneurs incorporate technology into their businesses.
  • guidance to maximize online presence as well as streamlined technology loans for purchases and implementation.

Contact one of the PNM Job Growth Initiative Partners today to find out if your company can benefit from the programs they offer.

Accion New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado

Justin Hyde, Loan Officer, 505-243-8844
Web site:



505-246-6900 / 800-GOWESST / 800-469-3778
Web site: