How to Read Your Meter

There are four or five dials on your meter. Read the dials from left to right and note the lowest number the hand of each dial has passed. Note the direction each dial is moving. The dials on the electric meter below indicate 7 3 1 5 6. 


Meter Exchanges

What is happening?
PNM customers throughout New Mexico may notice PNM swapping out old mechanical electric meters for newer digital technology. 
Why is this being done?
While the old mechanical meters have served us well over the years, and still to continue to serve us well, technology is advancing. 
What do I have to do? 
Nothing.  You don¿t have to do anything in advance of getting the new meter. PNM will notify customers by knocking on the door when a neighborhood is due for new meters but as long as the old meter is outside and PNM can safely access it, you don¿t need to be home when the new meter is put in. If you are not home and we cannot safely access the meter a blue card will be left on your gate or door with instructions.
Is every PNM customer receiving a digital meter?
No, only those with a particular type and manufactured date.
How will I know if I received a new electric meter?
Your old mechanical meter may look similar to the meter below on the left. The new digital meters will look like the meter below on the right and will have a digital read on the screen. It is normal for the digital meter display to flash.

If I see an installer on my property at my meter, how can I verify they are really with PNM?
A PNM technician, wearing a uniform and their PNM identification, will replace your old meter with a new one in the same spot. If you have any questions about the worker or the meter, call PNM at 888-DIAL-PNM. The whole process should take about 5-10 minutes, and will include a brief interruption of your power. This swap out will take place Monday-Saturday from 7:30am-sundown, and occasionally on Sundays.
Will my PNM bill increase having this new digital meter?
The new meter will only register the energy consumption used, just like the mechanical meter.
Is a digital meter the same as a smart meter?
No, the meters are not the same. The digital meter will not transmit any data or information and a meter reader is still required to read your new meter on a monthly basis. 

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