Financial Assistance Qualifications

Your total household income must be at or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) to qualify for the Good Neighbor Fund and at or below 250% to qualify for the Summer Heat Bill Help Fund. Guidelines presented below:

Total Monthly Household Income
People in Home Good Neighbor Fund Summer Heat Bill Help Fund
1 $1,699 $2,831
2 $2,289 $3,815
3 $2,879 $4,798
4 $3,469 $5,781
5 $4,059 $6,765
6 $4,649 $7,748
7 $5,239 $8,731
8 $5,829 $9,715
If no income, food stamps/SNAP may be accepted as proof of income

Before applying for financial assistance, please have the following prepared to upload or bring with you:

Your PNM bill

Your PNM bill must be past-due to receive financial assistance from the PNM Good Neighbor Fund, but not from the PNM Summer Heat Bill Help Fund. Have a copy of your paper PNM bill or your paperless PNM bill. If using your paperless bill, you may need to save a copy that you can upload if you apply online, or you may show a copy of your paperless bill from your phone if receiving help in-person.

Proof of all identification for everyone living in the home

Valid identification is required for all household members and children, including the PNM account holder named on the PNM bill. For adults, IDs such as a driver's license, state ID, alien registration card, or passport, etc. For children, we can accept a school ID, insurance card, social security card, or insurance card, as an alternative.

Proof of household income for all adults living in the home

Proof of income for all adults living in the household, including the PNM account holder named on the bill - we will accept pay stubs or bank account statements dated within 60 days of applying for assistance. We can also accept Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or a Social Security Statement, proof of LIHEAP for the current year (2022-2023). If you do not have income, we need to see an unemployment document or proof of SNAP/food benefits