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Rebates on Evaporative and Refrigerated Air

The PNM Air Conditioning Rebate program reduces the cost for residential customers to purchase and install certain energy-efficient cooling equipment in their homes. There are two main ways to cool your home, evaporative cooling and refrigerated air conditioning. Both of these options include several technologies that qualify for a rebate.

Evaporative Cooling: 

Advantages: Works very well in dry climates; lower cost to purchase, install, and operate

Disadvantages: Adds moisture to the air, so it may not work as well on humid days; may negatively affect indoor air quality

Evaporative Cooling, sometimes referred to as "swamp cooling" is used to lower air temperature by using the process of evaporation. Warm dry air is changed to cool, moist air and the heat of the outside air is used to evaporate water, causing a cooling effect.

Advanced Evaporative Cooling Rebates Table

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Refrigerated Air Conditioning:

Refrigerated air conditioners use a refrigerant and are designed to change the air temperature and humidity. 

Advantages: Works well in all climates; does not add humidity to inside air; can improve indoor air quality

Disadvantages: Generally higher costs to purchase, install, and operate

ENERGY STAR® Room Air Conditioners use 15 percent less energy than conventional models and often include timers, which allow you to use the minimum amount of energy needed to cool a room.

Refrigerated Air Conditioners that meet CEE (Consortium for Energy Efficiency) Tier 1 standard operate more efficiently than equipment that has not earned this distinction. By choosing CEE Tier 1 cooling equipment and taking steps to optimize its performance, you can enhance the comfort of your home while saving energy.

If you are considering a refrigerated air conditioner, check with your contractor to see if the unit you are considering is CEE Tier 1-qualified or visit the CEE/AHRI Verified Directory for a complete list of qualified units.

Refrigerated Air Conditioning Rebates Table

See qualifying ENERGY STAR Room Air Conditioners here. (PDF)

The PNM CEE Tier 1 rebate is based on the efficiency of the entire system, and not just the SEER rating of the air conditioner itself. The CEE Tier 1 Certificate number can be found by entering the serial numbers of all of the system's components in to the CEE database ( 

Air conditioners that are rated 13, 15, 16, 18, or even 22 SEER by a manufacturer can vary in efficiency depending on the other equipment used in the system. Typical system components include the air conditioner, indoor coil, and furnace. With a higher SEER rating you generally get more built-in upgrades, advanced technology and a longer warranty, and like miles per gallon in your vehicle, the higher a system SEER rating the further your dollars will go cooling your home. Installing a new, matched air conditioning system on your home can save you up to 20 - 50% on your cooling costs, depending on the efficiency of the system. But having an 18 SEER air conditioner that is not part of a matched system installed on your home could result in a system that is only operating at 13 SEER or less.

Rebate Forms

If you already have refrigerated air conditioning, and your unit is still working but you would like to upgrade to a more efficient model, you may be eligible for an additional rebate. Please refer to the PNM Home Energy Checkup Program for details.

PNM customers are eligible to a rebate from PNM when they purchase and install eligible cooling equipment (the "Energy Conservation Measure"). This rebate is good for purchases made January 1, 2015 through December 31, 2015 or while rebate funds are available for this program. PNM is still accepting rebate requests for 2014 purchases. Rebates will be paid while funds are available.Limit two (2) rebates per PNM residential electric customer account. Complete terms and conditions (.pdf)