Cooling Rebates

The PNM cooling rebates program is going through some exciting changes for 2021.

The PNM Cooling rebate helps reduce the cost for residential customers to purchase and install certain energy-efficient cooling equipment in their homes. There are two main ways to cool your home, evaporative cooling and refrigerated air conditioning. Both options include several technologies that qualify for a rebate. The PNM Cooling program rebates are on a first come, first serve, basis and are for a limited time only.  The rebate paid will not exceed the purchase price of the product excluding taxes, shipping, and installation charges.

Rebate Information Update

Good news! The deadline has been extended for Large Evaporative Coolers and Evaporative Window Units for the PNM 2020 Cooling Program. The online submission portal is temporarily closed for maintenance, but the paper rebates can still be submitted for 2020 Evaporative Cooler purchases through March 31st, 2021. Thank you for your patience while we prepare to offer great energy efficient ways for you to save money and energy.  

Large Evaporative Units

Evaporative Cooling, sometimes referred to as "swamp cooling", is used to lower air temperature by using the process of evaporation. Warm dry air is changed to cool, moist air and the heat of the outside air is used to evaporate water, causing a cooling effect. The advantages can be that they work very well in dry climates and costs less to purchase, install, and operate. The disadvantages can be that they add moisture to the air, so it may not work as well on humid days and it may negatively affect indoor air quality.

Advanced evaporative cooling rebates are available for up to $300 for down-draft or side-draft evaporative cooling units with 12-inch rigid media. Some units are available with 8-inch media, which do not qualify for a rebate; please refer to qualifying models list and rebate form.

See qualifying large evaporative units here. PDF Document

Download mail in rebate form here.PDF Document

For property landlords - Rebates waiver form PDF Document

Window-Mounted Evaporative Units

Rebates up to $100 are available for advanced evaporative window-mounted units with rigid media. Window/wall-mounted units are more convenient for maintenance and reduce the change of roof leaks. Window-mounted units blow cooled air into the house either into a central location, which can be effective for small homes. To ensure effective distribution, you'll need to know how much air the unit needs to move to cool your home, which is measured in cubic feet per minute. Before you purchase your window/wall-mounted unit, review the list of units that qualify you for a rebate.

See qualifying window-mounted evaporative units here. PDF Document

Download mail in rebate form here.PDF Document

For property landlords - Rebates waiver form PDF Document

Room Air Conditioning Units

Rebates up to $25 are available for ENERGY STARĀ® room air conditioning units. There are different types of room refrigerated air conditioning units which can include room units or window units. These are not evaporative (swamp) window-mounted units. ENERGY STARĀ® Room Air Conditioners use 10 percent less energy than conventional models and often include timers, which allow you to use the minimum amount of energy needed to cool a room.

See qualifying room air conditioning units here.PDF Document


Check for Other Available Rebates

You may be eligible for an additional rebate for your unit if you already have refrigerated air conditioning, and your unit is still working, but you would like to upgrade to a more efficient model. Please refer to the PNM Home Energy Checkup Program for details or call 1-855-775-6491 for assistance.


PNM customers are eligible to a rebate from PNM when they purchase and install eligible cooling equipment (the "Energy Conservation Measure"). This rebate is good for purchases made January 1, 2020 through March 31, 2021 (for all cooling measures except for HVAC or Heat Pump units) or while rebate funds are available for this program.  PNM will no longer accept rebate requests for 2020 purchases after March 31, 2021. Rebates will be paid while funds are available. Limit two (2) rebates per PNM residential electric customer account. Complete terms and conditions

Updated 1/4/2021