Smart Grid

Smart grid combines the traditional grid with computing technology and communications to operate the grid more efficiently and reliably.  The smart grid is not necessarily a project that has a completion date.   It is an evolution and modernization of the electric grid over time.

The vision is that the smart grid  will help the grid run more efficiently, reliably, and accommodate more distributed renewable generation than ever before.  When you hear "smart grid" you may think it means smart meters.  While smart meters can be a part of the smart grid, they are not the only technology that makes the grid "smart." 

We continue to evaluate to a more modern electricity delivery system over time as it makes sense for customers. We have not rolled out any smart meter rollouts in New Mexico, but we have installed automation in some of our equipment that has helped us improve our reliability and increase our efficiency. 

We will continue to evaluate technologies and ways to make the grid that serves our customers "smarter."