PNM Power Up Grants 2014

Community Project Examples and Resources

 "It is not always so obvious what will set your community apart"
The Great Neighborhood Book, Project for Public Spaces

Downtowns and Streetscapes

  • Community intersection repair and revitalization, which may include turning streets into public squares, murals, fountains or lighting (ex. The City Repair Project)
  • Development and installation of traffic-calming features, such as trees and other plantings, speed bumps, narrowed streets, stop signs and painted cross walks (Project for Public Spaces- Traffic Calming 101)
  • Community events
  • Activate streets - Engage, makeover and/pr provide programs for a section of a street or city block. (ex. Midtown Atlanta street art project)

Parks and Recreation Systems

  • Programming for public parks (ex. Project for Public Spaces)
  • Parklets that convert curbside parking to small and temporary public seating and greening platforms, building vibrant community spaces (ex. City of Santa Fe - Love Transfer Station)
  • Outdoor events and performance spaces, such as gazebos, pavilions or stages
  • Parks and recreation areas

Additional Resources

We also encourage you to review the grants we funded during the 2014 PNM Power Up Grant cycle for ideas and inspiration.