Landlord Standby Agreement

  • The Landlord Standby agreement will take effect no later than five (5) business days after it is approved by PNM.
  • The landlord owns the rental property or is recognized as the authorized representative for the rental property owner.
  • Each rental unit is separately metered for electric service.
  • Each tenant is responsible for a separately metered service for a rental unit.
  • The landlord desires to have service for each unit in their name when it is not in the tenant's name.
  • The landlord will be responsible for the service until a new tenant requests service in their name. The landlord can force the new tenant to put service in their name by sending PNM a completed Landlord Force Off of Electric Service form (.pdf). This action allows the landlord to have the service disconnected, while not terminating the agreement.
    • The landlord cannot have the service disconnected while it is in the tenant's name.
  • All change requests, including adding or deleting addresses, changing mailing addresses, phone and fax numbers, etc., must be submitted in writing.
  • The agreement does not apply to those situations in which a tenant is disconnected for non-payment.
    • For those situations, the tenant can sign an Information Disclosure document (.pdf), which allows PNM to attempt to inform the landlord that the service will be disconnected.
    • The landlord will not be held responsible for the tenant's bills, however, PNM will charge a connection fee if the service is disconnected due to non-payment and the landlord requests to have the service transferred to their name.

Terminating the Agreement:

  • The Landlord Standby Contract will be terminated within three (3) business days of PNM receiving a signed Termination of Landlord Agreement form (.pdf).
  • The landlord must give PNM three (3) business days prior written notice.
  • If services are currently on and in the landlord's name, service will not be disconnected unless the landlord specifies that it should be.
  • If the property is sold at any time and the new owner places service in their name, the agreement for the previous owner / landlord will not terminate automatically. The previous owner/landlord must provide written notice to terminate the agreement unless the new owner also signs up for Landlord Standby.