Smart Meter Survey FAQs

Q. Why is PNM surveying customers about smart meter technology?

A. It is important for us to understand what customers want and surveys can provide that information. PNM has been working hard to meet customer expectations for convenience and control over their energy use. One way the company is doing this is by considering transitioning to smart meters. If the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission approves PNM’s implementation of this technology, customers would have their current meters replaced with smart meters.

Q. What is a smart meter?

A. Smart meters are digital meters that communicate between a home or business and PNM through a secure communication network. Smart meters do not collect, store, or transmit any personal information. Installing smart meters will help give every customer more convenience, choice, and control over their energy usage.  It puts customers in the driver’s seats for understanding their energy usage, provides a dashboard of near real-time data at customer fingertips, and provides a way to more easily connect with PNM’s products and services.

Q. Does this customer survey mean that PNM is in fact implementing smart meters?

A. No. This survey is part of a New Mexico Public Regulation Commission requirement to solicit customer feedback on smart meter technology.