Workforce Training Program
Certificates & Degrees

Navajo Technical University


Automotive Technology
Computer Aided Drafting
Commercial Driver's License
Construction Technology
Electrical Trade

Industrial Maintenance and Operations
Information Technology
Applied Computer Technology
Environmental and Natural Resources

Associate Degrees

AAS Computer Aided Drafting
AAS Energy Systems
AAS Environmental and Natural Science
AAS Information Technology

Bachelors Degrees

BS Environmental Science & Natural Resources
BS Industrial Engineering
BS Electronic and Computer Engineering
BAS Information Technology: Computer Science
BAS Information Technology: Digital Manufacturing
BAS Information Technology: New Media

San Juan College


Building Trades
Civil Drafting and Design Technology
Commercial Driver's License
Diesel Technology
Automotive Technology
Fundamentals of Petroleum Production
Instrumentation and Controls Technology
Machine Shop Technology
Natural Gas Compression

Occupational Safety
Renewable Energy
Computer Science
Fire Science
Auto Body
Automotive Service Education Program (GM)
Toyota Technician Training Education Network
College Automotive Program (Chrysler)

Associate Degrees

AAS Building Trades
AAS Civil Drafting and Design Technology
AAS Diesel Technology
AS Engineering
AAS Fundamentals of Petroleum Production
AS Geology
AAS Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Program
AAS Industrial Process Operator Program
Instrumentation and Controls Technology
AAS Machine Shop Techology
Natural Gas Compression
AAS Occupational Safety
AAS Renewable Energy
AAS Welding
AS Computer Science
AAS Fire Science
AAS Auto Body
AAS Automotive Technology
AAS Automotive Service Education Program (GM)

AAS Toyota Technician Training Education Network
AAS College Automotive Program (Chrysler)