Home Lighting Discounts

Replacing traditional incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient light emitting diode (LED) is a simple way to save energy in your home daily without having to spend a lot of money.

PNM Offers Instant Discounts on LEDs

  1. Visit a participating retailer.
  1. Look for the PNM discount on select LEDs.
  2. Receive an instant discount at the cash register.

Energy efficiency program appointments and rebates are on a first come, first served, basis and are for a limited-time only. Once program reaches its maximum capacity this year, the program will resume the next calendar year.

Did you know?

  • You could shave as much as $65 per year off your electric bill by replacing incandescent bulbs with LEDs.

Using CFLs safely

While swapping out your incandescent bulbs or CFL bulbs for energy-efficient LED bulbs, be safe.  Especially for CFLs since all fluorescent lights contain a small amount of mercury, care should be taken when disposing of a used compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) or cleaning up a broken one. Learn more about the safe use and proper disposal of CFLs.

  • It's only when a fluorescent bulb breaks that the mercury is released.
  • The mercury is safely sealed in the glass tubing when a bulb is intact or in use.