PNM Butterfly Pavilion

The PNM Butterfly Pavilion, the most popular seasonal exhibit at the Albuquerque Biopark, is a collaborative effort between PNM and the City of Albuquerque. PNM joined forces with the biopark on the project as part of our commitment to the environment, the quality of life in the community and the education of our young people.

The PNM Butterfly Pavilion is home to more than 500 North American butterflies and the exhibit features a "brooder" room (a sort of nursery), where visitors can watch butterflies emerge from their chrysalides. Information about the different butterfly species is available at the pavilion, as well as ideas about which plants can attract butterflies to your yard.

The hundreds of butterflies in the pavilion also offer many opportunities for great shots for amateur photographers.

PNM donated more than 40 new wooden poles, as well as equipment and supplies, to create the Butterfly Pavilion frame. PNM linemen donated their labor to install the poles. PNM has made additional donations to the biopark to fund ongoing programs at the facility.