2020 PNM Resources Foundation Vision Grant Recipients

Congratulations to these community partners

Strategic Impact grants that address current issues

Nonprofits across New Mexico that address current issues such as domestic violence, COVID-19 protection, social justice, and closing the technology and education gap. The need is especially unique and urgent this year and several organizations were identified in needing extra help to continue their incredible impact for the community. The following nine nonprofits collectively received $100,000 in grants at the end of 2020 and share our vision in moving New Mexico forward together.

  1. Laguna Community Foundation (Pueblo of Laguna) - Laguna Community Foundation will be using the grant money to support frontline efforts in Laguna combating the COVID-19 virus for the protection of community elders, workers and families. 
  2. Tenderlove Community Center (Albuquerque) - Tenderlove Community Center will address an increased need for support to empower low income women to lead self-sufficient lives and create pathways for their children to thrive. 
  3. Domestic Violence Resource Center (Albuquerque) - The Domestic Violence Resource Center will be using the funds to help victims of domestic violence through prevention, intervention and recovery services offered by advocates, case managers and counselors. 
  4. Rio Grande Community Development Corp (Statewide) - Rio Grande Community Development Corp will be using this funding to support the engagement of youth in nonprofits with a focus on innovation/entrepreneurship and to provide programming that encourages collaboration among local nonprofits, even as COVID challenges increase.  
  5. Association of Fundraising Professionals (Statewide) - The Association of Fundraising Professionals New Mexico will use the award for a local racial equity initiative.
  6. Albuquerque Public Schools Foundation (Albuquerque International District) - Albuquerque Public Schools Education Foundation will be using the grant money to go toward technology funds and immediate needs for students and families, including refugee and newcomer support programs, focused in the International District.
  7. Santa Fe Community Foundation (Statewide) - Santa Fe Community Foundation will be collaborating with the PNM Resources Foundation on a Native American advised endowment for COVID relief. 
  8. Explora Science Center (Statewide) - Explora Science Center will be using the grant to help close access to technology/education gaps. Their program is called Login to Learning.
  9. College Horizons (Bernalillo and Farmington) - College Horizons will be using the grant to help close access to technology/education gaps.  Their program is called Remote & Reimagined.

Reducing carbon emissions - Reduce Your Use

Nonprofits that work towards reducing carbon emissions through planned energy efficiency projects have an impact in our communities and share our vision in moving New Mexico forward together. The following forty-four nonprofits collectively received $220,000 in grants to help them spend less on electric bills and invest more in providing essential services to the community.

  1. Flickinger Center For Performing Arts (Alamogordo) - To replace stage lights for concerts/shows and Theater 'House' flood lights and fixtures
  2. New Mexico State University Foundation Inc. (Alamogordo) - To install a shelter over the solar powered charging station.
  3. 516 Arts (Albuquerque) - For the advanced dimmable LED lights for exhibition galleries. 
  4. Adelante Development Center Inc. (Albuquerque) - For exterior LED wall pack lighting fixtures at the Bargain Square facility in Belen 
  5. African American Performing Arts Center (Albuquerque) - To purchase eight retrofit kits that convert their stage lighting fixtures from energy-heavy tungsten lamps to LEDs
  6. Animal Humane Association of New Mexico (Albuquerque) - To upgrade lighting and replace a warehouse door in our 1,200 square foot metal Behavior Building 
  7. Barelas Community Coalition Inc (Albuquerque) - For a new, Energy-Star rated, commercial reach-in refrigerator for the La Esquinita Farm Stand + Market and food hall style business incubator. 
  8. Boys & Girls Club of Central New Mexico (Albuquerque) - For two new swamp coolers at the Rio Rancho site.  
  9. Christina Kent Early Childhood Center (Albuquerque) - To replace old windows, in a 100+ year old building, and install energy saving windows.  
  10. Domestic Violence Resource Center (Albuquerque) - To allow more victims to receive services via new energy efficient lighting for group counseling.
  11. Friends of Baila! Baila! Artists and Dancers (Albuquerque) - To convert existing lighting in offices, hallways and costume/prop storage areas to high efficiency units.
  12. Fusion Theatre Company (Albuquerque) - To upgrade the main power supply to one of the buildings on its Downtown Albuquerque campus. 
  13. Heading Home (Albuquerque) - To improve the energy efficiency at the Albuquerque Opportunity Center by replacing the windows in our mobile units. 
  14. Homewise, Inc.  (Albuquerque) - To install 102 photovoltaic modules which will offset our annual electrical consumption. Funds from the PNM Reduce Your Use grant will help support the cost of this project.
  15. Hopeworks  (Albuquerque) - For two new high capacity, energy efficient washers and two new high capacity, energy efficient dryers.
  16. Keshet Dance Company (Albuquerque) - For renovations to the space including HVAC, plumbing, roofing, and addition of support spaces for arts entrepreneurs.
  17. National Atomic Museum Foundation (Albuquerque) - To support lighting upgrades for more energy efficient bulbs in select areas throughout the Museum building and parking lot. 
  18. National Institute of Flamenco (Albuquerque) - For updated and environment friendly theater lighting for our performances spaces. 
  19. New Day Youth and Family Services (Albuquerque) - To create a solar powered youth shelter in Albuquerque, lower the energy usage and costs significantly for New Day, and to teach young people about solar energy.
  20. International District Economic Development Center  (Albuquerque) - To purchase equipment toward a state-of-the-art media center capable of providing skill development and subcontracting capacity to the industry.
  21. Rio Grande Food Project (Albuquerque) - To enhance safety by installing ten LED solar motion-detecting flood lights and by installing four solar powered LED post top area lights 
  22. Roadrunner Food Bank, Inc. (Albuquerque) - To replace the current incandescent light bulbs in its parking lot with eight to ensure safety for employees and volunteers onsite after dark. 
  23. Ronald McDonald House Charities of New Mexico  (Albuquerque) - To purchase two Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTAC) to be kept as backups for immediate replacement 
  24. RMHC (Yale House) (Albuquerque) - For replacing the HVAC temperature regulating unit in order to reduce energy consumption.
  25. Saranam, LLC  (Albuquerque) - To purchase energy efficient, mercury-free LED light bulbs, replace a leaky, sliding glass door, and upgrade appliances to energy efficient models. 
  26. Storehouse New Mexico (Albuquerque) - To install 8 additional LED outdoor wall packs on the exterior of the warehouse, and replace inside fluorescent lights with LED.
  27. TenderLove Community Center, Inc. (Albuquerque) - To upgrade lighting at the Job Training facility and Recovery Housing and also purchase Energy Efficiency appliances.
  28. Friends of the Belen Harvey House Museum (Belen) - To increase the energy efficiency  by  installing LED lighting and Energy Star certified ceiling fans.
  29. Rebuilding Together Sandoval County (Bernalillo) - To replace 12 inefficient, single-pane windows with energy-efficient Low-E, dual-pane windows meeting Energy Star requirements. 
  30. Family Crisis Center (Farmington) - To purchase more energy efficient light bulbs and upgrade appliances with energy star certified.
  31. Infant Jesus Catholic Shrine (Hurley) - To replace incandescent, old mercury vapor and florescent lights with energy efficient LED lights
  32. El Ranchito de los Ninos, Inc. (Los Lunas) - To update the twenty year old light fixtures and bulbs with higher efficiency LED fixtures and lights.
  33. Placitas Community Library, Inc. (Placitas) - To fund the expansion of their existing solar grid. 
  34. Abrazos Family Support Services (Rio Rancho) - To replace the swamp cooler with a modern and energy efficient air conditioning unit.
  35. Early Learning Preschool (Rio Rancho) - To weather proof doors and skylights, lighting upgrades, and adding energy efficient appliances.  
  36. R4Creating (Rio Rancho) - To make their warehouse energy efficient
  37. St. Felix Pantry (Rio Rancho) - To install an energy-efficient heating system in their warehouse. 
  38. Santa Clara Catholic Church (Santa Clara) - To remove and replace existing incandescent lighting throughout the building
  39. Bienvenidos Outreach Inc. (Santa Fe) - To purchase an additional commercial refrigerator, an electrical upgrade and also put in more efficient lighting.
  40. National Dance Institute of New Mexico (NDI New Mexico) (Santa Fe) - To replace six large halogens with LED light fixtures and replace 427 overhead fluorescent tube lamps with LED converted tube lamps. 
  41. Reunity Resources (Santa Fe) - To fund the installation of  a "Coolbot" walk-in cooler.
  42. Santa Fe Boys & Girls Club (Santa Fe) - For the installation of LED lights around an outdoor community basketball court.
  43. Border Area Mental Health Services, Inc. (Silver City) - To implement energy efficiency measures throughout the facility.
  44. El Refugio, Inc. (Silver City) - To replace appliances and water heaters with Energy Star certified units.

Increasing access to affordable housing grant

Nonprofits that work towards increasing access to affordable housing have an impact in our communities and share our vision in moving New Mexico forward together. The following twenty nonprofits collectively received $100,000 in grants to help them further their important mission:

  1. Albuquerque Indian Center, Inc. (Albuquerque) - The Albuquerque Indian Center is in partnership with the County of Bernalillo to provide assistance to homeless. In coordination with the County, AIC is building 30 tiny homes to provide housing. The requirement to get a tiny home will include an intake questionnaire, background check, skill inventory, vetting.
  2. Barrett Foundation, Inc. (Albuquerque) - Barrett Foundation's mission is to end the experience of homelessness for women and children in our community by providing shelter, housing and supportive services. At Barrett House shelter, women and families work on a Housing Plan to transition from homelessness to affordable housing.
  3. Bridge to Success (Albuquerque) - This program will aid clients and community members facing barriers to securing stable and safe housing.  These barriers include lack of money for ID, birth certificates, application fees and deposits.  This program would not only assist with monetary support but education and connection to community resources as well.
  4. CNM Ingenuity, Inc. (Albuquerque) - CNM Ingenuity's Green Building Internships is a partnership with Homewise to address two needs: 1) an affordable housing shortage in Albuquerque; and 2) the nonexistence of affordable, environmentally friendly, homes. Interns work with professionals to construct LEED housing that Homewise sells through its program to support homeowners and strengthen neighborhoods.
  5. Greater Albuquerque Habitat for Humanity (Albuquerque) - Habitat offers low-income families (earning 30-60% of the area median income) affordable homeownership. Habitat also provides financial literacy/foreclosure prevention/support to 400+ families throughout the application/selection process, and for the duration of their mortgage, up to 30 years. The impacts of homeownership echo for generations.
  6. Heading Home (Albuquerque) - Heading Home's permanent supportive housing program and its family-focused program both ensure that individuals/families who are precariously housed or are experiencing homelessness receive direct care and assistance in identifying low-cost or affordable housing options. We also connect clients to other community resources which aid their placement into affordable housing units.
  7. Homewise, Inc. (Albuquerque) - Homewise acquires vacant homes in need of significant rehabilitation in distressed Albuquerque neighborhoods and completes high-quality renovation with a focus on energy efficiency, safety and durability. We then sell the homes to low income families and provide financial education and down payment assistance to ensure the purchase is affordable.
  8. Hopeworks (Albuquerque) - HopeWorks comprehensive service array utilizes evidence-based practices with demonstrated effectiveness (Housing First, Trauma-Informed Care, Harm Reduction, and Cultural Competency) to provide those experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness with the wrap-around support they need to secure and maintain stable, affordable housing.
  9. New Mexico Inter-Faith Housing (Santa Fe) - Siler Yard will serve diverse lower-income creative entrepreneurs and their families by providing affordable live/work rental space. The net-zero energy project will support the surrounding neighborhood, the broader creative economy, and create a new, local hub that serves as a vibrant intersection of Santa Fe creative cultures.
  10. People Assisting the Homeless (Farmington) - A 24-month Transitional Housing Program that houses individuals and small families within a 12-unit apartment complex designed to promote positive life skills to achieve stability to live independently and participate in activities that sustain permanent housing.  Participants pay rent of 30% gross income and some utilities.
  11. Prosperity Works (Albuquerque) - This grant will support our energy efficiency initiative in partnership with PNM & Partnership for Community Action. Improving energy efficiency in low income homes improves housing stock, reduces costs, & improves health & safety. Our work will demonstrate scalable solutions to serve populations that are most in need.
  12. Rebuilding Together Sandoval County (Bernalillo) - We perform critical home repairs that low-income families cannot afford to make themselves. Our work allows families to remain in homes that they might otherwise have to vacate due to code, safety, or financial reasons. Housing preservation is a proactive approach to providing affordable housing compared to constructing new housing.
  13. Ronald McDonald House Charities of NM (ABQ) - Thousands of families travel here each year seeking lifesaving care for their children, spending considerable time away from home. Our lodging program provides temporary lodging support to enable long-term sustainability of New Mexican families by keeping them together so they may be active in treatment of their children.
  14. Santa Fe Action Housing Coalition (Santa Fe) - Series of public art projects that draw attention to growing housing instability in Santa Fe/New Mexico. Projects selected by RFP with goal of reaching large number of constituents through media that tell the stories of those impacted by housing issues and insecurity, and positive impacts of housing investment.
  15. Saranam, LLC (Albuquerque) - Saranam takes a two-generational approach to empowering families to end their homelessness/poverty through housing, education, and supportive communities. We provide safe, stable transitional housing and basic living needs for up to two years so homeless families can concentrate on breaking down the barriers through education to more secure futures.
  16. St. Elizabeth Shelter Corporation (Santa Fe) - We provide free emergency shelter, low-income transitional and permanent housing to 700 homeless people every year. Each individual works intensely with our case managers to address the issues leading to their becoming homeless - job loss, healthcare, alcohol/substance abuse, etc. - and then moves into housing with us or other entities.
  17. Steelbridge (Albuquerque) - 12 month multi-phase program to help homeless people develop the skills to break the cycles of poverty, addiction and trauma, and reintegrate back into society. This program offers dormitory style housing, clothing, meals, education, counseling, spiritual guidance and social services, all at no cost to our residents.
  18. Supporting People In Need (Silver City) - The deposit relief fund assists people who are experiencing financial barriers to affordable housing.  Such barriers include deposits and monies owed to HUD.  While we realize this is a very micro fix to accessing affordable housing, it has the potential to affect several families who would be otherwise unhoused.
  19. Supportive Housing Coalition of New Mexico (Albuquerque) - SHC is seeking funds to support its Housing Development program designed to expand the number of affordable housing units in New Mexico. Funding will support salaries and program expenses related to maintaining current units and the research, development, and construction of new affordable and/or permanent supportive housing units.
  20. Tres Rios Habitat for Humanity (Farmington) - We have two programs that promote affordable housing: 1) New home program in which we partner with a low-income family, and 2) Home repair and paint program for elderly, disabled and Veterans.  We are set to start construction on our 12th new home in 6-8 weeks.

Increasing community safety grant

Nonprofits that work towards increasing community safety have an impact in our communities and share our vision in moving New Mexico forward together. The following twenty three nonprofits collectively received $220,000 in grants to help them further their important mission:

  1. Albuquerque Meals on Wheels, Inc. (Albuquerque) - Facilitates increased community safety for our most vulnerable populations through our home frozen meal delivery to seniors, community members with compromised immune systems, and those with chronic health conditions necessitating a specialized diet in the greater Albuquerque area.
  2. Boys & Girls Club of Central New Mexico (Albuquerque) - During COVID-19 - providing emergency all day childcare for youth of essential workers, developing and implementing virtual programs to continue mentoring programs for youth, and providing computers and other technology needed for kids to access educational activities at home.
  3. New Mexico Veterans Integration Centers (Albuquerque) - Our Program will help support the increasing need for safe housing and food security during the COVID-19 crisis.
  4. Share Your Care Adult Day Services (Albuquerque) - To assist with the costs of our Vulnerable Adult & Senior COVID-19 Comprehensive Care Plan which provides: Wellness Checks, Socialization Engagement, Resource Outreach and Provisions to our participants while our center-based care services and the revenue they provide are suspended due to State mandates.
  5. Storehouse New Mexico (Albuquerque) - To provide free shopping carts of healthy food, especially to our seniors in the community, with no income restrictions. Special safety shields were installed to protect staff and clients during the pandemic. 
  6. Three Sisters Kitchen (Albuquerque) - The ReFresh Program provides bi-weekly food bags to 60-90 food insecure Albuquerque households, contributing to increased food security and community connection, and supporting participants' capacity to stay at home during this public health crisis.
  7. University of New Mexico Foundation, Inc. (Albuquerque) - Project ECHO is mobilizing its New Mexico network of partners to address the COVID-19 crisis with the goals of flattening the curve, slowing the spread of the virus, and protecting our seniors, who are most vulnerable.
  8. Deming-Luna County Commission On Aging Inc (Deming) - Our organization will  reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19 for seniors and disabled adults by facilitating access to  daily nutritious meals served in sturdy disposable trays and daily sanitation of equipment used to transport and deliver meals.
  9. Northwest New Mexico Seniors, Inc. (Farmington) - Provide a bi-weekly box of grocery staples to home bound seniors throughout San Juan County.
  10. La Vida Felicidad (Los Lunas) - Provide essential support (getting food, medication, offering companionship, housekeeping, personal care) to elderly citizens who are isolated at home and are at risk for abuse, neglect, and exploitation.
  11. MainStreet de Las Vegas (Las Vegas) - Provides essential support in the form of one-time funds to residents in the greater Las Vegas community who have been, and will be, the most severely impacted by COVID-19 virus.
  12. Storehouse West, Inc. (Rio Rancho) - Serves the residents of Sandoval County with emergency food supplies, hygiene items and children's clothing in the spirit of an institution that is an Equal Opportunity Provider
  13. The Notah Begay III Foundation (Santa Ana Pueblo) - In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NB3 Foundation has created a relief initiative named the Helping Our Relatives Covid-19 Response Fund to support two primary areas: 1.) Access to nutritional food and clean water through delivered supplies and 2.) Access to safe youth development and education opportunities as a result of being out of school.
  14. Make Santa Fe (Santa Fe) - MAKE Santa Fe will use advanced manufacturing equipment to provide high-quality personal protective equipment to healthcare workers, first responders, essential workers, and at-risk members of the community.
  15. Santa Fe Boys & Girls Club (Santa Fe) - On March 30, 2020 we began offering online homework help to youth in the community, ages 5-18, who are not in school due to the COVID-19 crisis. On April 6, our Zona Club site on the south side of Santa Fe will reopen to all Club members, with priority given to those who have parents working in jobs that are considered essential during this time. Children will attend free of charge.
  16. MoGro through Santa Fe Community Foundation (Santa Fe) - MoGro is a non-profit food access program that delivers weekly shares of healthy foods (including local produce) to community sites across Northern New Mexico, including Santa Fe, Albuquerque, EspaƱola and rural and Tribal communities.  MoGro is currently packing and distributing food bags to home-bound seniors in Santa Fe County and northern New Mexico in order to protect our most vulnerable residents from COVID-19 related illnesses.
  17. The Food Depot (Santa Fe) - To support the provision of essential hunger relief to our most vulnerable community members; the health and safety of our community are a top priority--and that includes access to food.
  18. Alvin Volunteer Fire Department (Alvin, TX) - This project is an attempt to protect the Citizens of the City of Alvin and the volunteer firefighters/members of the Alvin Volunteer Fire Department (AVFD) from the spread of COVID-19.
  19. Clifton Lutheran Sunset Home (Clifton, TX) - Lutheran Sunset Ministries Companion Services program donates time to Lutheran Sunset Ministries' Independent Living program, Rainbow Retirement Community.
  20. Rotary Club Of Friendswood Charitable Foundation (Friendswood, TX) - The Friendswood Rotary Club, Friendswood Youth Baseball and the city of Friendswood have partnered with each other to support Friendswood elderly and local students in need of meals during the coronavirus pandemic.
  21. The Montague County Carpenters Shop Inc (Nocona, TX) - To feed the elderly and disabled and educate them regarding health and safety concerns.
  22. Sweeny Community Hospital Development Foundation (Sweeny, TX) - We will provide meals, first aid kits, adult hygiene items, sanitizer and activities to promote mental health to the most at risk -- our elderly citizens.
  23. Galveston County Food Bank (Texas City, TX) - Due to the COVID-19 health crisis and an increased need among senior residents for nourishing food, the Galveston County Food Bank (GCFB) has added home food deliveries to its onsite pantry program to assist elderly residents choosing to stay at home.

Reducing homelessness grant

Nonprofits that work towards reducing homelessness have an impact in our communities and share our vision in moving New Mexico forward together. The following sixteen nonprofits collectively received $210,000 in grants to help them further their important mission:

  1. Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless - serving men, women, and children in central New Mexico
  2. Bienvenidos Outreach, Inc. - serving individuals and families in Santa Fe
  3. Childhaven - serving children in the New Mexico Four Corners area
  4. Crossroads for Women - serving women and their children in the Albuquerque area
  5. ECHO, Inc - serving Northern New Mexico
  6. El Refugio - serving people affected by domestic violence in the Silver City area
  7. Heading Home - serving people needing emergency shelter through permanent housing in the Albuquerque area
  8. Hope Works - serving people experiencing homelessness or near-homelessness in the Albuquerque area
  9. Love Inc - serving people in Otero County
  10. Mission Families, United Way - increasing family stability and reducing adverse childhood events in New Mexico
  11. New Day - serving youth runaways with no options in the Albuquerque area
  12. Samaritan House - serving people in crisis due to homelessness and poverty in the Las Vegas area
  13. St Elizabeth Shelter Corporation - serving individuals and families in the Santa Fe area
  14. Supportive Housing Coalition - serving people experiencing homelessness, mental illness, and physical disabilities in the Albuquerque area
  15. Tenderlove Community Center - serving people experiencing homelessness, near-homelessness , and low income women in the Albuquerque area
  16. YDI - serving children and families