Energy Works - May 2024

Summer Heat: Tips to Save Yourself from High Energy Bills as Weather Heats Up

Summer Heat: Tips to Save Yourself from High Energy Bills as Weather Heats Up

Summer's just around the corner. Here are a few ways you can keep your cool without breaking the bank.

Set your cooling thermostat as high as comfort permits. The higher the setting, the more energy you'll save.

Don't put appliances that generate heat, like lamps and TV sets, under your wall-mounted cooling thermostat. The heat rising from these appliances can cause the thermostat to read a temperature that's higher than the actual room and lead to overcooling the whole house.

Add weather stripping and caulking around all doors and windows, including attic entryways, to reduce air leaks. You can also add caulking around baseboards, where walls meet walls, ceiling or floor, and around exterior faucets.

With evaporative (swamp) cooling, crack open windows in rooms where you want cool air to flow and close off areas of the house not in use.

Draw blinds, shades or drapes to block the sun during the hottest part of the day.

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2024 Isotopes Ticket Offer Buy one get one FREE!*

2024 Isotopes Ticket Offer Buy one get one FREE!*

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Salt Lake Bees Thursday, June 27 6:35 PM
Tacoma Rainiers Thursday, July 11 6:35 PM
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Sacramento River Cats Thursday, August 8 6:35 PM

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Preparing for Wildfire Season: Tips from PNM

Preparing for Wildfire Season: Tips from PNM

As wildfire season approaches in New Mexico, we want to make sure you are prepared to protect yourselves and your homes from the threat of potential wildfires. Here are some important tips from PNM to help you stay safe and prevent wildfires:

  • Create Defensible Space: Clear vegetation and debris at least 30 feet around your home to create a buffer zone that can help prevent the spread of wildfire.
  • Maintain Your Property: Regularly maintain your property by clearing dead vegetation, leaves, and other flammable materials from your roof, gutters, and yard.
  • Prepare an Emergency Kit: Assemble an emergency kit with essentials such as water, non-perishable food, flashlights, batteries, a first-aid kit, and important documents. Make sure it's easily accessible in case of evacuation.
  • Stay Informed: Sign up for emergency alerts and stay informed about wildfire conditions in your area. Follow evacuation orders promptly and have a plan in place for where to go and how to communicate with loved ones.
  • Have an Evacuation Plan: Plan evacuation routes and practice them with your family. Designate a meeting point outside the evacuation area.
  • Protect Your Home: Use fire-resistant materials for roofing and siding and install spark arrestors on chimneys. Consider installing fire-resistant shutters or screens on windows.
  • Be Cautious with Power Equipment: Avoid using power equipment on windy days and ensure that vehicles and machinery are properly maintained to prevent sparks that could ignite wildfires.

PNM takes wildfire mitigation very seriously and we work year-round to minimize the risk of wildfires. Sign up for emergency alert notifications and wildfire updates on

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Our Team is Here for You

Our Team is Here for You

Live Chat at Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. to connect with our customer service team about billing questions and outages. Wait times will often be less than when calling customer service, and our chat function will help free you from your phone so you can multi-task while you chat with us.

Log into your account to start, stop and transfer service, view your energy usage and bill, and view or make payments.

Text PNM to get your account balance, request a payment extension, report power outages, and receive outage status updates. Text #REG to 78766 to get started. Message and data rates apply.

#OUT - Report a power outage

#ALERT - Get outage alerts

#BAL - Get account balance

#EXT - Request a payment extension

Electrify Your Ride

Electrify Your Ride

Electric Vehicles have many benefits including reduced maintenance costs and carbon emissions, but best of all you can charge your vehicle at home! PNM offers rebates of up to $500 for qualifying level 2 chargers.

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Is The Cost of Installation A Barrier?

Income-qualified customers also qualify to receive up to $2,000 toward costs associated with EV charger installation.

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