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Apr. 22, 2014
New PNM Energy Efficiency Programs Now Available Statewide

Albuquerque: PNM customers throughout the state can now take advantage of new programs, which will help them save money and energy. Some of these programs will help target summer bills especially.

The five new programs added to PNM's existing programs are:

PNM Home Energy Checkup

For $40, customers receive a programmable thermostat, compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), faucet aerators and a low-flow showerhead.  In addition, a qualified assessor will complete a walk-through assessment of the customer's home and install each energy-saving measure. The assessor will also help identify other ways customers can save energy and reduce their bills, including providing rebates for ENERGY STAR® appliances.

PNM Air Conditioning Rebates

The PNM Air Conditioning Rebate Program reduces the cost for residential customers to purchase and install certain energy-efficient cooling equipment in their homes. There are two main ways to cool your home, evaporative cooling and refrigerated air conditioning. Both of these options include several technologies that qualify for a rebate.

PNM Pool Pump Rebates

The PNM Pool Pump Rebate Program provides residential customers with a $300 rebate for purchasing and installing an ENERGY STAR-qualified variable speed pool pump. An ENERGY STAR® variable speed pool pump is programmable, allowing it to match the pool operation with the appropriate pool pump speed and can save you $400 over the course of a typical summer. The energy saved is considerable; reducing pump speed by one-half allows the pump to use just one-eighth as much energy.

Think! Energy PNM Home Works

Students in fifth grade classrooms throughout the state will participate in the Think! Energy PNM Home Works program. This program teaches the importance of saving energy, protecting natural resources and being environmentally conscious. Each participating student receives a kit with easy-to-install items, including a low-flow showerhead, faucet aerators, compact fluorescent bulbs and a night light. The kit also contains a guide for families to complete the installation together and learn about ways to reduce energy waste. Participating teachers are provided with a curriculum to accompany the student kits.

My Energy Profile Program

A group of 48,000-50,000 PNM customers will receive home-energy profiles with as a complement to their monthly electric bill. The easy-to-understand, printed home energy profile provides detailed information about their home's usage including:

  • Comparison to others: Customers can learn how their electricity use compares to 100 similarly sized and equipped homes in their area. This information is compiled anonymously, provided confidentially, and only viewable by the individual customer.
  • Progress tracker: Customers can see how their energy use changes over time, so they can set targets for savings. Through the program's web portal, customers can further interact with their energy information, conduct an automated 30-second home energy audit, and more.
  • Personalized energy efficiency tips: Customers will receive personalized savings tips based on their energy use patterns and characteristics of their home, they can also browse a comprehensive library of energy saving recommendations through the program's web portal.

The profiles and portal will help customers better assess their energy consumption, and most importantly, explore ways to reduce their energy use, saving money on their energy bills.

The continuing programs are:

Refrigerator Recycling Program ¿ Recycle an old fridge or freezer and get $50.

Home Lighting Discount ¿ Get discounts on LED and CFL bulbs at participating retailers and online.

PNM Power Saver ¿ Get paid to help reduce electricity demand on high-use days.

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With headquarters in Albuquerque, PNM is the largest electricity provider in New Mexico, serving more than 500,000 customers in dozens of communities across the state. PNM is a subsidiary of PNM Resources, an energy holding company also headquartered in Albuquerque. For more information, visit