A New Century of Service Grant Opportunity

PNM is committed to building a better future for New Mexico. Creating economic opportunity and ensuring that our children get a good education are critical to achieving success and improving the quality of life for all. Since 1983, the PNM Resources Foundation has been investing in local nonprofit organizations that strive to build strong and vibrant communities.

Forty local nonprofits receive a total of $750,000 in grant funding.

Forty New Mexico nonprofits now have a total of $750,000 toward their missions, which included five organizations that received $50,000,  ten organizations that received $25,000, and 25 organizations that received an operational grant of $10,000. 

Designed to promote economic development, education and the environment within the PNM service area, the grants were awarded to organizations that work to innovate new products and services that, in turn, grow and develop businesses in New Mexico; create collaborative community spaces for public use; and provide educational opportunities that support economic development.

The 2018 New Century of Service $50,000 grant recipients are:

  • Cultivating Coders, Inc. (Albuquerque) - to provide rigorous technological education and workforce participation opportunities to high school students in Albuquerque’s South Valley.
  • Fathers Building Futures (Albuquerque) - to concentrate business efforts on scaling the woodshop and its casket and urn line for the funeral industry.
  • St. Martin’s Hospitality Center (Albuquerque) - to provide on-the-job training to at least 5 formerly homeless individuals through their Hope Café internship program.
  • Galloping Grace Youth Ranch (Rio Rancho) - to fund their Food Recovery Program, a program that can conserve energy, educate youth, create jobs, and alleviate hunger; thereby building a healthier community, a more resilient environment, and impacting youth and economy.
  • Reunity Resources (Santa Fe) - to expand operations to encompass a community farm that grows food for donation to local hunger efforts, trains young farmers and provides paid apprentices to homeless and at-risk youth.

See a full list of the 2018 grant recipients and their projects. 


New Century of Service Grant Information

2018 Grant Information Webinar

Audio from the grant information webinar held on Tuesday, April 10, 2018 can be found here. 

Funding Guidelines

While a variety of projects will be considered, priority is given to projects that:

  • Lead our communities to a brighter future
  • Fuel a stronger New Mexico through measurable economic impact
  • Demonstrate collaboration with other organizations, especially among non-profits
  • Show tangible, near-term results
  • Are sustainable or have a clear path to sustainability
  • Have a clear plan to build awareness about the project and its value within the community
  • Have a well-defined timeline for implementation
  • Utilize PNM volunteers, when possible 

Organizations or projects not eligible: 

  • Sectarian or religious programs for religious purposes
  • Labor and political organizations or campaigns
  • Organizations outside of PNM Resources and its subsidiaries' service territories.
  • Organizations outside of communities where the company has business interests.
  • Organizations that are not registered or not in good standing with the appropriate state agency.
  • Organizations that limit membership and services based on race, religion, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age or national origin.
  • Organizations without current or active IRS 501(c)(3) status.

Questions? Email Community@pnm.com.