News Release

Nov. 11, 2019
PNM is intensifying its security efforts to protect the power grid

PNM upgrades security of critical infrastructure

Albuquerque: PNM takes its role in protecting New Mexico¿s power grid seriously. Each day, PNM receives an average of 4,000 attempted cyberattacks. This translates to an average of over 1.5 million attacks per year.

Malicious cyber attackers come in a variety of forms  - from highly organized groups to lone actors.  As threats to the grid become more sophisticated, PNM continues to strengthen its defenses while identifying ways to improve its security posture.

This year, PNM upgraded its system to automate how the company grants access to its critical infrastructure throughout New Mexico. Critical infrastructure includes highly secure substations, generating facilities and operations and data centers.

Once a manual process, this system acts in real time to ensure the right people can access the areas they need, especially when emergencies strike.

With the upgrades to its Enterprise Guardian software, PNM has created more efficient processes that provide a "proactive and automated solution to mitigate risk and enhance our security," said Gary Todd, Associate Director Cyber Security PNM.

"The software¿s ability to manage the critical infrastructure security is a business enabler and aligns with our vision for digital transformation," said Todd.

PNM uses a layered approach, known as defense-in-depth, to protect the energy grid from all threats. As part of this approach, PNM implements a variety of security controls at different levels, which is essential to protecting data, applications, systems and networks.

In collaboration with local and national entities, PNM is preparing for GridEx V, a nationwide exercise set for November 13-14 that will test how the state¿s largest energy company would respond to and recover from severe physical, cyber and operational attacks.






With headquarters in Albuquerque, PNM is the largest electricity provider in New Mexico, serving more than 525,000 customers in dozens of communities across the state. PNM is a subsidiary of PNM Resources, an energy holding company also headquartered in Albuquerque. For more information, visit