News Release

June 16, 2016
PNM proactively cuts power at 4 p.m. to area under mandatory evacuation

PNM will de-energize electric lines for the safety of fire fighters and general public in the area of the DogHead Fire


Albuquerque:  PNM will proactively cut power to electric lines currently serving the area under mandatory evacuation near Chilili, New Mexico that is the path of the DogHead fire this afternoon at 4 p.m. The area that is being de-energized provides electricity to 338 PNM customers in or near state highways 217 and 337 southward to the Torrance county line including the communities of Chilili, Mercid, Escobosa and Ysisarri and Ponderosa Pines.  

PNM is taking proactive steps to support the safety of firefighters and the general public by de-energizing these lines. These lines will not be re-energized until emergency managers have determined it is safe to resume serving this area.

"Safety is our main focus at this time and we have been working closely with emergency management, state and federal fire management teams, and the Central New Mexico Electric Cooperative. Our customers, fire fighters and emergency crews are best served by taking this step to prevent exacerbating current conditions," said Vice President of PNM New Mexico Operations, Aubrey Johnson. "We have reached out to customers impacted by this situation, informing them of the circumstances. We will continue to be in close contact with other utilities, fire management and local officials to monitor the situation and determine if other courses of action are prudent for everyone involved."

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