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Environmental Highlights 2013

Renewable Energy

  • The state's first geothermal energy plant came online in late 2013 to serve our customers, and we nearly doubled the amount of solar on our system, expanding two existing plants and bringing two new plants online.
  • We received approval to add more wind to our existing wind resources and three more solar plants to our existing fleet of seven solar plants. By the end of 2014, we will have invested almost $200 million in solar plants throughout the state, with approximately 1 million panels producing energy equivalent to serving 23,425 homes.
  • By the end of 2013, more than 3,800 PNM customers were participating in our customer solar program. We also added solar energy to our PNM Sky Blue voluntary renewable program, offering customers an option to purchase even more wind and solar energy.

Energy Efficiency

  • Using our programs, customers saved enough energy in 2013 equivalent to serving approximately 10,500 homes.
  • We received approval of $22 million in energy efficiency programs for our customers. We added a home energy assessment program for residential customers, an energy efficiency educational kit program for fifth graders, a home energy profile report program and new programs for PNM business customers.
  • Since 2007, residential and business customers have saved more than 1 billion kilowatt hours, enough energy to serve more than approximately 146,000 homes. More than $34 million has been paid in customer rebates and programs have saved an estimated 527,032 metric tons of CO2 and 375.8 million gallons of water.


  • We continued to identify ways to reduce water use at the San Juan Generating Station following the completion of an extensive water use study that identified areas to increase water use efficiency.
  • We reduced fresh water usage on a gallon per megawatt hour by 24 percent since 2002 through improved plant operations, the use of graywater and air for cooling, and the addition of renewables.
  • As participants in the highly successful San Juan River Basin Recovery Program to save two endangered fish species, PNM owns and maintains a fish passage to allow free movement of the fish and is helping fund habitat restoration to improve fish spawning areas.

Solid Waste

  • Our New Mexico facilities recycled approximately 9,309 tons of materials, meeting our third multi-year solid waste reduction goal in the last decade. The resources saved through this recycling are equivalent to conserving 4,868 households' energy consumption, 94,207 barrels of oil or 4,378,751 gallons of gasoline.
  • We were named Large Business Recycler of the Year by the New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce.
  • Through our customer Refrigerator Recycling Program, we recycled approximately 723 tons of metal, glass, plastic and insulating foam.

Energy Resources & Emmissions

  • Since 2006, the San Juan Generating Station, our largest power plant, has reduced nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by 41 percent, sulfur dioxide (SO2) by 60 percent, particulate matter by 69 percent, and mercury by 99 percent, making the plant a leader in the nation on mercury emissions reductions.
  • We entered into an agreement in 2013 with the State of New Mexico and the EPA to close two units of the San Juan Generating Station by 2018, and install additional pollution controls on the remaining two units. This results in further reduction of multiple emissions, including carbon dioxide (CO2), compared to the plan proposed by the EPA that would have resulted in reduction of only one emission.
  • With the two unit shutdown and additions of renewables, natural gas and nuclear resources, PNM is estimated to reduce carbon dioxide emissions (tons per year system-wide) at a level that will surpass President Obama's goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 17 percent by 2020.

Environmental Engagement

  • More than 800 operations employees were trained on key environmental stewardship topics such as recycling, protection of biological and cultural resources, and efficient plant management to reduce water usage and emissions. Employees receive this training every other year.
  • The PNM Resources Foundation gave 30 $10,000 grants to environmental organizations in communities throughout New Mexico for projects that featured public environmental benefit.
  • We continue our avian protection efforts by making over 7,000 poles in sensitive locations throughout the state safe for birds. We fund Hawks Aloft's Living on the Landscape program and have been erecting kestrel boxes at various schools as a part of classroom education.


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