Save Money & Energy

PNM Quick SaverTM Program

Just for small businesses, this program pays for certain upgrades to make facilities more energy efficient.


Retrofit Rebates

Earn a rebate for making energy saving upgrades to an existing building.


New Construction Rebates

Get money for building an energy efficient facility.


Refrigerator Recycling Rebate

Recycle your old fridge or freezer and get $50. We haul it away for free, you save energy and money.


PNM Building Tune-Up

Get a rebate when you optimize your building's performance and improve system efficiency.


Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program (

Multifamily property owners and Trade Allies can get rebates for installing energy efficiency upgrades in-unit and to common areas.


Distributor Instant Rebates

PNM Distributor Discount Program

Contractors get instant rebates on a wide range of HVAC equipment for their customers. New program!


Demand Response Programs

Incentives to Reduce Energy Use at Your Business on Peak Demand Days

PNM Power Saver

Small to medium-sized businesses can get paid to help reduce demand when demand is at its highest.


PNM Peak Saver

Just for large commercial customers, this program pays you to save energy on peak demand days.



Funding for electric rebates for business customers comes from the Electric Energy Efficiency line item on your commercial PNM energy bill.