2021 Pole Audit

PNM regularly maintains our equipment and facilities to ensure everything is working well to serve customers with safe, reliable power. We own over 227,000 distribution power poles alone in our service area and have launched a massive effort to audit each pole over the next several months.

PNM has hired TechServ, a contractor, to complete the audit throughout the entire PNM service area. The information gathered will help PNM determine how many joint use attachments are on each pole, whether there are any unauthorized attachments, and identify any potential safety or maintenance concerns. "Joint use" refers to third party attachments on poles that PNM approved, including wireless, telephone, cable, and Internet service providers. All companies interested in attaching a service to a pole must complete an executed Master License Agreement and be approved by PNM before making any type of attachment to our structures.

Power poles are located all over the PNM service area, including remote areas, residential neighborhoods, and commercial business areas. These poles help carry power to the neighborhoods in which they serve and are an important part of providing customers with safe, reliable power. 

We need your help

Because there are many poles located in or near customer's backyards or alleys behind homes, the pole auditors  may require the ability to enter a customer's property to obtain pole attachment information. Please keep an eye out for TechServ auditors and allow them access to our pole(s), if needed. We ask that customers exercise precaution with their dogs by keeping them inside when the auditors are expected to be in their area. Even the nicest dogs can be aggressive when a stranger comes onto its owner's property. We would also appreciate it if customers could take a few minutes to look at the area around the pole on their property to ensure that the auditors have safe, unobstructed access. We have a right to access all PNM-owned structures and equipment, and this audit will help us gather important information.

How to identify a TechServ auditor

TechServ auditors will be easily identifiable, as they will be driving marked vehicles, wearing TechServ branded apparel, and will have PNM contractor ID badges, as well as a letter from PNM confirming they are working on behalf of the company. The inspectors will be working out in the field Monday through Saturday from 7am to 7pm for the duration of the audit.


Audit schedule

The audit will begin in March and is scheduled to be completed by the end of October 2021. The audit is scheduled to begin with a pilot program in March within the area between Montgomery to Candelaria, and San Mateo to I-40 in Albuquerque. The inspectors will then work in Southern New Mexico, Northern New Mexico, and the rest of the Albuquerque Metro area (including Rio Rancho and the East Mountains), in that order. 

Schedule (may be subject to change)

Pilot area: begins March 15, 2021 (estimated to take around 1 week)

Southern NM: March 25 - May 2021 (estimated to take around 11 weeks)

Northern NM: June 2021 (estimated to take around 5 weeks)

Albuquerque Metro: July - October 2021 (estimated to take around 20 weeks)


If you have any questions, please call PNM Customer Service at 888-DIAL-PNM. 

View FAQs on the 2021 Pole Audit PDF Document


If you have questions on allowing access for the audit, or any issues with the audit, please contact:

Damon Salceies
Phone: 505-241-3632
Email: Damon.Salceies@pnmresources.com


Ray Vigil
Phone: 505-241-3456
Email: Ray.Vigil@pnmresources.com